Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - First Blank Page Of A 365 Pages Book


Bismillah. Heyy, it's already tahun 2014. Boleh tutup buku tahun 2013. Lots of memories created and left behind. Reminiscing on how I survived being in the hospital and consuming medicines for three months, how I spent my leisure time doing my own business Creativisness Creations. Then I got to further my study at UiTM Kuala Terengganu. Being in a first year. Fought to adapt with the environment, the studies, friends, the atmosphere, thinking etc etc. Having quizzes, tests and final exam. Receiving the result, started telling myself to work harder. Been in complicated relationships, dumped, hurted, cried, receiving new person, new inspiration, new adaptation, over thinking and so on. Enjoying semester break, then start up second semester with big dreams. Stayed in fella's room caused by my own mistake for not applying college. Later on, I got my own room then continue doing student's routines. Deadly busy. I strived to balance between studies and managing an organization. Too much cries, fatigue. Now, I'm having my mid-sem break. 

So, azam baru? Dalam masa terdekat ni nak siapkan semua assignments before naik cuti. Couple days to go. And, wishlist? Keep working on the current wishlist yang tak tertunai tu lah. Haha. Sambung sambung. Tak payah nak demand lebih lak engko. Yang penting, tahun baru ni, I want to be a positive and wise thinker towards being a better me. Keep focus on my academic as the top priority. Ketepikan perkara yang tak berapa penting tu dulu. Jika kita ikhlas belajar, inshaa Allah Allah akan tolong. Tajdid niat di awal tahun baru, lillahi-Taala. Good luck y'all.


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