Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beautiful Story


*pssst, please read slowly*

Hey, get married and have babies. Have a husband who will love you with all his might. Never neglect you and never get bored saying the words 'i love you'. He has his time for you no matter what. He always spare no glance to other girls. He has no interest to girls but only you. Just simply because he wants you. He never get too close to his girlfriends just to make sure you aren't getting hurt, not a little. Because his love for you is just too high as he doesn't want you get even a scratch. He only sees you in his eyes.

He makes of all his work time to ensure you'll have a bright future with him afterwards as well as the life of the kids. He makes his work time and eagerly want to go home because he misses you. To see you. Be with you. He called whether you have the lunch of his favorite ready or not. *start daaah dia ni* He ask you how his little child  doing.

Oh, he is already in front of the door with his tired face and the office bag in his hands. He has a smile in his eyes. You greet him with a sweetest grin. You have your sweetest perfume put on. You take his hand and kiss it lovingly. He replies by kissing your forehead so meaningfully. You carry his bag, and walk him to the dining table. He has his arm around your waist. You ask him to sit. You put the food in his plate, wash his hand with lukewarm water and watch him eating so excitedly. Delicious, he said. He smiled, and then you started to eat.

There is nothing left. He finished up the meals and sip his orange juice little by little. You get all the plates collected, get them washed. He rinses his hands and offer you to help. No thanks, you said. He hugs you from the back and kiss you on the cheek. Thank you my dear, he whispers. You are smiling with butterflies in your stomach. He says, I got to see the baby first and then take my bath. I miss him so much, our little baby. As much as I miss you my dear. He left. Slowly, you feel the exact happiness. And..

Haaah enough enough maaan. Grammar tunggang langgang. Haha okay, continue buat kerja.


Gambar Hiasan.

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