Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear Sayang


(This is an entry I wrote on 12/11/2013 which means years ago but I kept it as a draft due to some broken heart or clash. Eh? So, the title will still be the same, "Dear Sayang", which is any sayang lah for now. Enjoy reading this piece of crap to that piece of crappy sayang whatsoever. You know who you are)

I've done performing Subuh prayer and decided to pull my cozy blanket up to my chest. It’s very chilly this morning. I closed my eyes tightly hoping that I can take a nap but my mind kept sticking to you after checking out your text message. I came to think of so many things and about to blurt out everything. They had stuffed in my mind so I slowly woke up and switch on the laptop starting to take all the worries out of my mind. Here it began.

You know sayang, I've been thinking that you are now being in Kuala Lumpur and it is kind of burying me with bunch of worries. I know you often been there, I know you grown up so well. Hm being there for some of moments doesn't same like staying there, study there etc. I mean, I’m worried sick when I think of you because you might be furthering your Degree in the region soon also. Yeah, I know. Well, who am I to give this fruit for thought like a pro isn’t? No, it’s just I’ve been there and had gone through it. Maybe you stayed there longer than me, but no offense because I’m just about to say stupid words. Don’t take it so serious if you are uneasy of reading this.

I hope you can find good friends there. Good friends are not whose very intelligent just in studying. They are someone that will reflect you, building your attitude and behavior. Who’ll always be with you towards joys and tears. Who can give you advice when you did wrong and encourage you to do good thing. They are so important for making you a better man fi dunya wal akhirah. You know, friends can affect you a lot. Friends can throw you whether to Jannah or vice versa. Hm don’t make that face because I’m not trying to be an ustazah but just read dear. Friends are a big influence indeed.

Well, the prominent thing is not about finding or making good friends only. It’s about being you yourself. You must be strong and positive, know what you can do and avoid forbidden things. Take care of the significant five times prayers a day. Recite the love letter of our Almighty frequently when you have times. Don’t be so amazed being there. Stay strong, you know who you are. You know what you want to achieve in your life. Just don’t be bugged by surrounding and the people because we have our imaan to keep and our manner to care of. In short, behave yourself sayang.

If you love to do something, think of the advantages you might get and be moderate. As for me, I really love doing something beneficial. Still, I did something that wasting time like watching Running Man funny reality show and Korean dramas but I put limit to them because they don’t give me so much benefit. Just in case to entertain myself when it comes to times I cannot tolerate with my anger, emotional and sadness or just simply filling my leisure time. They helped me a lot!

See sayang, I’ve talked a lot. I blurt all this out not just for you, but also a reminder for me. The thing is, don’t forget me when you’re there. I hope the people and surrounding won’t change you. If you find someone better than me in everything soon, then I can do nothing. I will just believe in fate He created. I wrote this worthless letter simply because I love you, I love us. There are a lot of things I want to tell you but now it is only less than 900 words. Oh yes, I use English because I feel worry. Not that I’m angry. Err, just ignore the grammatical errors, my bad.

Again, behave yourself everywhere you go sayang. Strive well and don’t be easily distracted. What will you see there is just fun in dunya. Remember, dunya is not the place we will stay forever. It’s just like a fishing rod to catch and collect fish (good deeds) for hereafter. If you think of this word, you’ll success and hardly distracted by the silly things.

I’m not going to nag some more because I know you don’t like it. Who will like, kan? You know it already. You know everything. You know what to do. You are going to be an amazing person, successful one. I trust you. Just be yourself. I hope we will turn into a better person day by day. Make today better than yesterday and tomorrow full of hopes. Live your life to the fullest.


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